Gather In Glenville For a Common Ground's Discussion

Common Grounds Community Discussion: Growing Glenville

Gather with us in Glenville to discuss how you will contribute to the continued growth of Glenville! ‘Gather in Glenville” serves as a tangible link between the vast history and great potential of the Glenville neighborhood. Through food, art, music, and entertainment, the event will speak truth to perception and invite all of Cleveland to gather and experience the richness, diversity, and resurgence of the area. 



What is Common Ground?

On a single day, Sunday, July 30, 2017, you can be a part of an exciting region-wide initiative to explore our community’s power to communicate and connect in order to build a stronger, safer and more dynamic home. Common Ground is a community conversation to bring Cuyahoga County residents together to meet, share a meal, connect and discuss what we can do together to create a more equitable and resilient Greater Cleveland—our shared home, our common ground.


When is it?

Common Ground will take place on Sunday, July 30, 2017. That day, our community will come together during mealtime conversations– breakfast, lunch, dinner and in-between. Gather In Glenville will host Common Grounds at East 105th Street (Between Ashbury Avenue and Superior Avenue)
1 – 6 p.m.


Who should participate?

Any Cuyahoga County resident who cares about the future of our community and wants to be a part of a forward-looking conversation.


Where will it happen?

In partnership with many organizations and civic leaders in our community, we will gather across the county in the places we share — the places where we live, where we work, and where we play.

For a full list of Common Ground locations, visit Cleveland Foundation's website for full list of details. 


Participate in the Conversation

Conversations are happening at locations across Cuyahoga County and in Downtown Cleveland’s Public Square. All events are free, but you must register. Click the link below to reserve your spot for the Gather In Glenville Community Conversation today! 



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